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Everyone knows now

There is no disagreement

What had been
Had torn us apart

Now the shoes
Stand peacefully
On the old woven rug

Rain falls
On the dry
Bewildered earth

The insects
Are finally dead

The pump groans
The cat squeaks
And the moon
Dresses up
Like a pumpkin
For a visit
To the market

Who know the names?

It doesn’t matter.

She no longer
Has to urge him
To be positive

Everyone knows now

A harmony of despair
Has brought us all together

Our hero
Our brilliant vibrant
And supreme hero
Wins every battle
And glows
Futile and magnificent

There is no disagreement

The queen stands
At the window
Of the provincial church
Showing off
Her earrings

Is there more?
Is there something else?

The man wanders
The edge of the cliff
Overlooking the sea

Lightening bejewels the sky

The dogs are in a frenzy

Like the hare
Between the teeth
Of the hunters
What had been
Had torn us apart

But now we are free
Of all disagreement

And on a terrace
Facing everywhere
We all sincerely enjoy
The beauty

Of a yellow

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