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for speaking solo cellist

I, The Messiah, shall come in the best of times when I am most deserved or in the worst of times when I am most needed.


As it is said in the Kaballah, Rabbi Aher cut the branches! 


The world awakens to confusion, panic & depression.

Nothing happens that is not more of the same. Catastrophe is the status quo.


You might be wondering why I play music. As I explain on my site——waiting for god’s glory to spread peace and happiness amongst you, I had a lot of time on my hands so I took up the cello.


As with others amongst you who speak the truth, though I am the Messiah, I am quite frankly on the lam, fleeing and hiding like a hunted animal. 


This confirms how badly I am needed.


Take it from The Messiah: Your world  is NOT a fixer-upper. It's a tear down.


Don't be fooled by appearances. Don't let the fact that I am playing music lull you into a false sense of complacency.


Face the music. Look at yourselves as the coastal city that you are. Due to rising sea levels you will soon be underwater.


If I stopped playing music, would it allow you to understand the reality of your situation.


Rabbi Aher cut the branches. I was there. I saw him do it. 


Sayeth the Messiah: they no longer have to enforce. You are colonized from the inside out by the electronic (?) screens you are always staring at.


How could this have happened? How could it have come to this? I was there. I SAW it happen.


Rabbi Aher enters into the true glory of the Divine. He's standing in a shower of Divine Radiance pouring down on his body. Rabbi Aher cannot encompass the Divine intensity. He can't take it. He fears madness. He fears death. Like a man saving himself from electrocution HE CUTS THE BRANCHES!Rabbi Aher SEVERS THE CONNECTIONS!!And from then on to all the manifestations of the Divine Presence--the earth, the air, the weight of your step, the spirals of your breath, the colors of sound, the songs of light, the child's tears, the old man's fears--to all the manifestations of the Divine Presence you, Humanity, are blind and indifferent.


I try to make the music harsh, turbulent, disjointed, broken into shards and shredded, but music still allows you to believe that what you are living is normal. It is too late for music, but if even the Messiah keeps playing...if even the Messiah refuses to face the music…


(with a great effort she stops playing)


As the Messiah I am excessively trained in excessive compassion. You and your world are so beautiful. I love this creation. Your cosmologists understand this planet as an insignificant blip in one of hundreds of millions of universes. But they are wrong because you, on this planet, are prisoners of hope and the present is only comprehensible from the perspective of redemption. Sayeth the Messiah: The present is only comprehensible from the perspective of redemption.


(plays until she is interrupted):


Hold it (pause). I'm getting something on my phone… It’s the CIA! They’re coming…It’s a sweep!!! They’ll send me back to God! I have to go!


(exits quickly)



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