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I woke

I sang

I saw us bow

Before the dark one

Wishing reality

Would end

The tariffs of principle

The unbowed joy of love

Were eviscerating us

We were a new kind

Of heathen sending trains

Of dead innocents back

To their waiting families

We had surrendered

Convinced that ‘free’

Was more than a word

We made our t-shirts,

Our cars, our bowls

And brushes into weapons

We fought to stay blind

We twisted the earth

Into a crowbar and jacked

The universe off our backs

We tried to celebrate

With extravagant diseases

A booming market and leisurely

Affairs but the harpoons of disgust

Made us weep

We started hoarding

And taught savagery

To the young

Never before had prosperity

Been so widespread

Yet in dry riverbeds

People fought

Over human flesh

I woke

I sang

I saw us bow down

Before the Dark One

He heard me, opened doors

For me, encouraged me to sing on

Knowing full well that the ways

Were lost 

And lost even were the words

That had named them

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