FROM THE RUINS is part of an extended and varied series of pieces which will unfold over the next years. Entitled WRECK WE M, this extended series will be an offering of gratitude towards, and a long goodbye to, the planet Earth, which has been so good and generous to us and to life in general for the past 4.4 billion years.

The following images helped me shape the music of FROM THE RUINS:

A barely discernible path across a hillside strewn with stones; The ruins of an ancient megalopolis seen from above; A disarticulated temple with red pillars; falling stone walls on a hillside; a still standing wall from the coliseum exterior; a 4 sided pyramid-like structure with steps leading up each side to the top; a mammoth stone face, in repose with eyes closed overgrown with vegetation; a massive temple in the middle of dense, impenetrable jungle.

A study of history reveals that a society can be in ruins before the ruins appear.