Hugh Levick - Composer, writer, producer
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Hugh Levick

photo by Melba Levick

'MOUTHWATERS' reveals Levick as a powerful evoker of the shadow world lurking behind his music.

"Levick's fusion of new music, jazz and text was a virtuoso display of wit and soul." - George Howell, Buffalo Evening News

"...he's a capable composer and Solo #3 demonstrated his instrumental and improvisational skill with uncontrollable soft, high squeaks, long, raucous multiphonics and other unusual effects spun into a varied but coherent line." - Gregory Sandow, Village Voice

"...Levick's a composer whose music can be twisting, atonal and contrapuntally complex, like a combination of Schoenberg and reflective bebop." - Gregory Sandow, Village Voice

"Levick channel(s) Bach's mental energies and Hindemith's angularities." - Rodney Punt, Huffington Post

"(Levick's) effort is to accept the fragments of our fundamentally shattered world and imaginatively transform them into vessels of beauty." - William Kraft, Composer

Hugh levick
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